4K video
without latency

4K Video – without latency – reliable


TV - Monitors: You choose a format, we ensure sophisticated integration.


With innovative installation options, we develop and build our lift systems ourselves. Powerful, almost noiseless drives and durable stainless steel profiles make AV components and screens appear and disappear smoothly. Even a change of the viewer's location is detected: The monitor pans with them. So far, over 600 systems have been installed in yachts, aircraft and buildings.


"Sumo" does it! The hydraulic TV lift Sumo quickly, gently and barely audibly lifts 250kg monitors with a 103" diagonal - a world record.

Living Wall

Living walls react to movements, dance steps or touch. Luminous, interactive video walls and video floors are available in all sizes for indoors and outdoors, even in 3D.

Home Cinema

Home Cinema offers unmatched picture and sound quality thanks to professional 4K and 3D projectors and immersive sound. Supported by tailor-made calculation of the room acoustics and the installation of acoustic elements. With full lighting and furnishings that can be refined with 4D armchairs and even olfactory elements, HOME & MARINE makes your cinema magic perfect.

Video on demand

Video on demand without compromise: Over a high-performance server you get super-fast access to tens of thousands of top movies in UHD-quality – and your favourite music. The game console is also connected here.

Bel Air

Unique and exclusive. With HOME & MARINE you can see what no one else sees: brand new Hollywood blockbusters before they come to the cinema, thanks to our exclusive partnership with the American streaming specialist BelAir.


Lossless high-end picture and sound quality. Enjoy your video in any room you want, no matter the size of your yacht or property. With our professionally planned and installed network, the quality of playback is equally good everywhere, from video entertainment in the bathroom to your home theater.