Excellent networks mean quality of life, on land and on the water. HOME & MARINE plans, sets up and manages.

Together we analyze your project and your needs. Then our engineering team develops your ideal network in a coherent process. It’s customized, versatile, powerful - and completely invisible.

System design
Early documentation
Intergration support
Transparent change process
As built documentation


The backbone:
This is the heart of your network because it connects all home or on-board systems into a functional whole – directly or wirelessly, from position lights to the dance floor. The backbone needs to be powerful and future-proof so that more innovative applications can be added over time. And because it ensures your communication and security, our backbones are provided with all necessary redundancies.


All you have to do is tap "ON". The installation of network, AV, communication and security components is in the hands of experienced HOME & MARINE specialists. A high-performance fibre-optic network ensures loss-free data communication, even on yachts over 100m in length, or a property with lots of connected rooms.

Yacht example

Everything on board. This is what the integrated network of your yacht might look like.

Network management

Our networks and components optimize themselves. This is ensured by HOME & MARINE network management. With this, every day you benefit from the best broadband coverage and the enormous capacity of your own network - while enjoying the luxury of the highest level of user-friendliness. Always there for you: our on-site service.

Monitoring diversity: With continuous traffic analysis, we ensure that all systems have sufficient bandwidth available. By dividing into virtual LANs, we can optimally balance the data volume even in the largest installations.