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Safeguarding your property should convenient and trouble-free. HOME & MARINE electronic systems GmbH gives you peace of mind with security systems to protect against intrusion and theft of equipment, personal belongings or artwork. Our systems include CCTV (closed-circuit television), intruder alarm sensors and entry control with remote access that can be viewed and monitored via the Internet or Smartphone.

That means you can relax and let technology keep watch. 

CCTV (closed-circuit television)

All major access points are monitored by cameras offering either a fixed or a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) perspective, which allows the user to scan certain areas. CCTV can be digitally recorded to show a playback of events, which can be triggered by motion detection or other types of sensors.

Intruder alarm systems

Installed sensors trigger an alarm in the event of unauthorized access. Technologies include light barriers across entrances, pressure sensors under steps or deck, passive infrared sensors (PIRS) to cover open exterior or interior areas and motion detection via the CCTV system. Resulting alarms are sent to specific control panels, messaging to the telephone system or to the alarm and monitoring system. All events can be logged for future reference.

Entry control

If there is a need to enter the area when the alarm is active, keypads requiring a PIN or swipe pads that respond to credit card or electronic keys are used. These deactivate the security system for a specified period.